Friday, December 19, 2008

Wasted days

Either this was a wasted day or it was a day of recovery. It depends on how I choose to view it.

Sleeping in, but being full of vim and vigor, I went out running about 9:00 AM. After I returned, I learned that the distance around Lake Merritt is about three miles. I jogged most of it. It felt good, but it was a mistake. Later in the day my knee informed me that I would not be running any more. After a bath, I succumbed to the lack of sleep suffered during the journey and slipped into bed for a nap. After the nap I would get busy with all the wonderful things I was going to accomplish these few weeks.

Again, I disappointed myself. I made some needed phone calls, puttered around, read a bit, then slipped to bed by nine.

It is both amazing and disgusting to see how easily I can let time slip from my grasp. It is a fault to overcome.

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