Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Move me!

I work in a building with two floors.

There is an elevator. When you walk into the elevator, there are two buttons to select your destination: First Floor and Second Floor. Think about this for a second....

Why not put in a single button that says "Go" or "The other floor" or even "Take me where I am not" - then let the elevator figure out what to do with this command.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Forever Young

In the next few weeks I will be installing shelves on my bedroom wall. The main purpose will be to store my CD collection. The Obsessive Compulsive side of my brain thought it would be cool to listen to each CD as it went into temporary storage.

I found a CD I forgot I owned - Forever Young by Alphaville. This was exhumed from the collection of Slick Rick. He died at age 29. He still owns a part of my heart.

About two weeks ago my anger and self loathing achieved critical mass. If I can't be forever young, I will at least die trying. In the last two weeks I have dropped six pounds. I have banished my eating problems and adhered to my workout goals. When my daughter is married in March, I will be Lean and Mean. Anyone who disagrees will be invited to meet my 'out back' for a short 'conversation' on the matter.

Year of the Wombat

It is the year of the Wombat.

New attitude.

New focus.

Gonna kick some ass.

Details to follow.