Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Supreme Ritual

93, y'all

This last weekend, I was a participant in The Supreme Ritual, as performed by N.O.X. Oasis of the O.T.O.

The Equinox of the Gods.

Were you a fly on the wall, you would have equated the event as something of a Keystone Cops movie. At least at first. (Things changed.....) There was a rather animated discussion about just WHO was supposed to be WHERE and WHEN, doing WHAT.

The discussion ended. Black tape on the floor marked the positions of the participants.

The ritual began.

For my part, I had well memorized a few essential parts, and delivered them rather well. "Thou who art as an hawk of gold......!"

Not to be an asshole, or to take away from the contributions of the group, it was when I delivered that line that things turned.

Gads - it was a ritual. It really was.

93 93/93

Sunday, May 12, 2013

There was once a woman...

There was once a woman. She allowed me to share her bed three times. The first two times, we had sex. But that doesn't matter. The third time - that is what matters....

When we approached the bed, we both knew that she and I would not have sex - make love - that night. Nor in the future. Yet each of us removed our clothing, slipped between the sheets, then curled into the body of the other. Loreena McKennitt played softly from her computer, as it had in the past. And, also as in the past,  I had free reign - my hands could, and did, roam as they willed. As she slept, my fingertips said a final goodbye to each and every part of her.

Why, after these years, do I think of this?

I don't know. But of the women that I have had the pleasure to love, she stands out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Every man and every woman...


In the philosophy of Thelema, the focus is on the Will of the practitioner, and the accomplishment of the Will of the practitioner.

There are times when this "Will" takes the form of providing support for another person, so that they might realize their Will. (A less than elegant version of this is presented in "Diary of a Drug Fiend".)

This is a good place to be. I take joy in the Will of my brothers and my sisters, my partners and my friends, and of my offspring.

So mote it be.

93 93/93

Fr Wombat

PS - Kawasaki Ninja 250.....  Good choice!

Thursday, July 05, 2012


It's been quiet for a while.

On the 4th of August I will be taking my 4th degree and PI initiations at Golden Lotus Oasis. It will be, to say the least, instructive.

But in the midst of this long silence, life has been mostly good. I have been thrown a few curve balls (thank you, Summer and Melinda). But I have also been allotted a few pleasures (Summer [again], Melinda [more than you know - along with that gruff dude what you call your beloved], Shannon, Warren, and the 'Rising Generation' at Horus Oasis).

And there is - as ever - Kat

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Hell is reserved for those who turn aside from their appointed paths.

Heaven is an illusion - pure and simple.

Purgatory is the home of the enlightened.

Reality is.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Take wing, y'all...

No matter how many birds are caged, a million more shall fly.

In response to a message from a friend.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Retail Theft

Today, for the third time in recent memory, I engaged in a form of retail theft. But it wasn't my fault. Really.

About a year ago I was at Wally-World getting a few things for the car. I was in the self checkout and had finished scanning all the items. But the kiosk refused to take my credit card. My frustration was mounting and I was searching for a minion to help me with the problem. Just as I caught sight of a minion, some sort of alarm went off. As soon as it did, the well trained minion scanned the checkout kiosks and, seeing me, ordered me out of the store. My response was to point to the stubborn kiosk, explain that I just needed to complete paying, and I would be on my way. Nothing doing. I was sternly informed that the noise from above was a fire alarm and I needed to get out NOW.

Fine. I grabbed my bag of not-quite-paid-for items and marched out the door.

Then about a month ago, at the same location. Two places ahead of me in line, a gentlemen wanted to purchase some odd looking bunch of ...something... from the produce aisle. The tag on it wouldn't scan. The cashier then looked in a binder and, finding a code, entered into the workstation. The code was invalid. He repeated this process a number of times, as the clock ticked away. Finally, the customer informed him that he really didn't want that bunch of greens so badly and maybe he would just pay for the items that DID scan and get the hell out.

My purchase included two identical clothing items, sort of bunched together. The clerk, not noticing this, scanned them as a single item then bagged them. I counted this error as just payment for the time I just spent languishing in line and smiled my way past the error.

Today I was passing the baking supplies when I spotted a two quart bottle of Millers molasses. There was no price tag on the shelf, so I didn't know how much it was. But I know I needed a bottle for an upcoming batch of beer and added it to the basket. When I tried to check out, at the self-serve kiosk, the bottle wouldn't scan. I signaled the nearest clerk and told her my problem. After three failed attempts to manually enter the UPC code, she finally entered the magic code to override the system. She then entered a price of $2.50, knowing it was low, and smiled at me. I checked later, and this product sells online for about seven dollars.

No guilt.