Sunday, May 12, 2013

There was once a woman...

There was once a woman. She allowed me to share her bed three times. The first two times, we had sex. But that doesn't matter. The third time - that is what matters....

When we approached the bed, we both knew that she and I would not have sex - make love - that night. Nor in the future. Yet each of us removed our clothing, slipped between the sheets, then curled into the body of the other. Loreena McKennitt played softly from her computer, as it had in the past. And, also as in the past,  I had free reign - my hands could, and did, roam as they willed. As she slept, my fingertips said a final goodbye to each and every part of her.

Why, after these years, do I think of this?

I don't know. But of the women that I have had the pleasure to love, she stands out.

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