Saturday, September 19, 2009


I spent the morning cutting down trees on the OTHER SIDE of the property line. Yea me!

It was actually at Kat's place. The other property is a rental, so the owner doesn't really care. The trees are chinese elm growing in the strip between the carport and the fence line. With a new fence going up, the REALLY BIG WEEDS need to go.

I guess I am sort of weird when it come to tools. Most real men would fire up the Stihl chain saw with the smoke belching two stroke engine. Not me. I drag an extension cord out and plug in the 20 year old Sears electric chain saw.

Yes. Electric. An electric chain saw.

You have NO IDEA how many times this thing has paid for itself over the years. No gas. No oil. No goddamn pull-start. Just plug the sucker in and start chasing the neighborhood cats.

Step back, take stock, and get ALL SORTS of pissed off

I have been fighting like hell for forward progress in my life. But the harder and longer I have fought, the stiffer the resistance has been. There came a point in the last few days when I stopped fighting - for just a little bit - and took stock of things. Then I decided to get just one damned bloody thing out of the way before taking up the fight again.

Get the wireless working. Or replace it with a cable.

So I started on the project, hoping to use the old wireless, in its final throes of death, to get the job done. I had to reset the piece of shite at least ten times. Then I threatened it. Then I slammed it against the wall. (That last one got its attention.).

And now....finally....I have wireless the works. I have internet access the way a true man us supposed to have internet access.

Next weekend I am going to take the old Linksys bridge to a special place in the back yard and I am going to pound it into a thousand pieces with a sledge hammer.