Monday, December 08, 2008

Surrender to the authorities

Today five former Blackwater employees surrendered to federal authorities in Utah. Something to do with emptying several clips of ammo in the general direction of peaceful citizens of Iraq. One of the perps lives in Utah, the others cam in from out of state. Why Utah? In hopes the trial will be held here, so they get a jury that is more likely to render a favorable verdict.

The mind boggles. Is someone seriously thinking that Utahns are more likely to say something like, "Well, Zeke, even if they didn't pull a gun on our boys, y'all know them ragheads was up to something. Them islamaniacs is ALWAYS up to SOMETHING."

Even if the jury does come from Utah, what if they all happen to come from Salt Lake City proper, which voted for Obama (this vote being canceled out by the rest of the state)?

Better yet. Let's make a list of "The best states to turn your self in, based on type of federal charge." I would start of the list with [un-named southern state] for bigamy and [un-named midwestern state] for incest. Texas for EPA infractions. Alaska saw the light with Ted Stevens, so Massachusetts will be up for bribery. Etc, etc.

I am secretly hoping they DO move the trial to Utah, and that our jury sends them to prison for the rest of their miserable little lives.

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