Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Magickal Mystery Tour

[Actually written 20 December]
Welcome to Existential Angst Tour 2009. This year the tour takes place a bit early, but goes a bit longer. Melinda was going to drive home for Christmas, so she could bring her cats, instead of flying. I didn't really like the idea of her making the drive, so I hatched a scheme. I would use the rest of my vacation for the year and trade places with her. I would spend my vacation cat-sitting.

As usual, I created great plans for the tour. Also, as usual, I over planned and over packed. And, also as disgustingly usual, the reality is falling flat against the expectations. Follows the record so far:

December 17, 2008
I got off work at the usual time and made it home to pack. After packing and wrapping up loose ends, I started getting ancy - wanting to get to the train station an hour before the train was to arrive. This is a personality trait I am starting to change. So I worked on my mom's schedule instead and showed up only a half hour early...just in time to see a train pull out of the station. WTF? I got on the phone and called AMTRAK customer service. According to the dude on the line, the train was a half hour behind schedule. His best guess was that I saw a special ski train pulling out. He was right. AMTRAK showed up late and I got on board at about 10:00 PM.

Somehow, but I am not sure just how, this seemed a fitting start to the adventure.

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