Monday, December 22, 2008

[Don't] walk this way

[seed paragraph]
I feel better when I act and think like the image of the man that I think I should be. If I can change "think I can be" into "Will to be", and put some work into it, what will happen?

My first inclination is to stick to my comfort level. Here in the wilds of Oakland, this means sticking to the apartment and not interacting with others. So the first few times I had to venture out into the wider world I resisted. This sounds silly. But it is reality. Somewhere in there I mused about the man I should be, as opposed to the man I am. What would he do and feel? He would pick up that phone, or leave that apartment, and interact. I have said this before (maybe using other words or images) but this is the man I want to be. What needs to be realized in this is that the concept of "the man I need to be" extends so far beyond just picking up a phone or walking into a small situation. It extends into pursuing a course at work, or building a proper environment at home, or establishing proper relationship with friends and families. Is this the Big Thing to focus on during this years Tour?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Yesterday I tried walking the 'wrong' direction around Lake Merritt. The lake is a popular venue for exercise - jogging, walking and rowing. The vast majority of walkers and joggers circle the lake traveling clockwise. I walked counter-clockwise.

Walking the wrong way makes it easier to move out of the way. A person who likes eye contact has at least a chance to indulge. There are fewer surprises from people sneaking up from behind.

Walking the 'right' way, I get to look at Ass instead of Breast. I prefer Ass. There are no accusing eyes glaring at me for staring at the body. An ass walking the same direction stays in view much longer than breasts walking the other way.

In defiance of all the contrarians out there, I now declare that there is value in going along with the crowd.

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