Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting it into gear

This is the day I catch up on my writing. The entries of the past few days were finished this morning as I listen to NPR out on the back porch.

I was up at a decent hour today, well before the sun. Listening to my knee, I dressed for exercise and took a brisk walk around Lake Merritt. While my knee reserved comment, my lower back tells me I exercised well enough, and not to push myself any further. So walking will be my daily exercise. I find that the pace of walking works well for chanting a mantra inside my head.

Now that I am exercised and bathed, what the hell am I actually going to do with myself? What am I going to accomplish? How am I going to do it? And bloody when am I going to start?

[Later in the day, after thinking and eating and a short trip to the store.]
In response to the questions posed above, I did what a Capricorn knows to do. I made a list. Then I pulled out the kitchen timer and got to work getting these journal entries posted. I will not bore you with the list - at least not now. Instead, I will update you with progress as it is made, pretending that you already know what I am up to. I also see myself posting to the blog ad hoc rather than one tidy post per day.

[6:15 PM - Daily Practice]
I finally got around to meditating for the first time on this trip. To meditate is to sit. Melinda has no chairs in the apartment. For the computer desk she has an ergonomic chair like structure that has you distributing weight between knees and butt. There is the bed, with a mattress that is slowly destroying my hips when I sleep, and is no good for sitting. There is a futon, low to the ground, that looked like my best bet for sitting. Bad choice. It was fitful meditation, changing positions often, and finally giving up. I spent the rest of my allotted time testing other places to meditate. I think the computer 'chair' will be my best option. If not, I may be found sitting - pants up, thank you - on closed lid if the toilet. So I will call tonight's meditation a bust for effect, but an educational experience.

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