Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crooked pots and such

So I learned my lesson and started walking the 'correct' direction around the lake. Naturally, all but a few of the well formed female bums either changed directions to spite me, or stayed away altogether. But then why gaze upon what I cannot possess?

Yesterday I had lunch with Rol. I arrived a few hours early and walked around the city, down to the ferry building, through the market, past the skating rink, etc. It is a lovely city. I could become addicted to it.

Rol is doing well. He has been living here for nine years, and has been with his partner for six. Except for a few minor health problems - more annoying than threatening, and controlled well with medication - life has treated him well. He has a few pounds more than when I last saw him, but only a very few, and his glasses are a bit thicker. These facts are, each of them, also true of myself. Rol is still funny and kind and loving life. I regret doing such a poor job keeping in touch with him.

Today is laundry day, cleaning day, shopping day. It is a drawing, reading, moving, focus day. It is also a thinking day.

I noticed the toilet is crooked. With the exception of the flush handle, a toilet should be a mirror image from left to right - perfect symmetry about the center line. This one is crooked. Sort of like a drunk with a fat lip saying Ooooooooooohhhh.

My day pretty much wrapped up with a call from Kate. She is doing well. She enjoyed a good Yule ritual this last weekend, and - as must be true of Kate - the ritual was of a nature to cause growth and discomfort in her life. Growth and discomfort go together.

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