Monday, October 04, 2004

Strip Mall Chic

There wasn't much to report for Sunday. It was a day for Rest and Recovery and for doing laundry. It was refreshing to hang cloths out on a line instead of shoving them into a tin box and letting them burn coal from a hundred miles away.

Somewhere in the day we went out for an early dinner at an Indian Restaurant. The food was wonderful, and the tea was excellent (Indian tea...yum). But I had to laugh inwardly when I went to visit the little boy's room. The strip mall with the restaurant appeared to be fairly new (less than five years old, which fit what I already knew of the neighborhood). But when I stepped into the bathroom, it looked as if the room had been subjected to several decades of hard use. Is this something intentional, sort of like 'distressing' furniture to make it look older than it is, or stone washing jeans so they look like cast-offs while on the rack? I can just see some poor strip mall builder looking at his notes and saying to a colleague, "Hey Ralph. Remember that place we tore down in old Tucson last week? Do we still have the plumbing and fittings from that down at the yard?" I wonder if the Indian and Chinese places pay extra for this. Maybe they move the business in and say to themselves, "You know, this stuff is a LOT better than the stuff we have in our house..."

On the way home from dinner we stopped at a wonderful little mid-eastern market called 'Open Sesame'. I got some Hot Mustard (which I forgot to bring home to Provo), some tea (most of which did make it home), and some dark chocolate that somehow ended up being spirited away from me and being declared property of The Old Man. Oh well...if Andy wants chocolate, then I guess Andy will have to have chocolate.

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