Friday, October 01, 2004

Road Trip Day 1 - Getting there

This starts the account of the road trip to Arizona to visit Kate. The plan was to have as much of my stuff packed up as possible, then drive down. I also planned to stay the night somewhere on the road, between Kanab and Flagstaff. But instead, I drove all the way through to Glendale. Each time I got to one town I would thing, “Just make it to the next.” The urge to stop, and to continue, started in earnest at Page. I drove into town, saw the motels a bit crowded for my liking, then hit the road. Maybe Flagstaff ….maybe not that far. Not more than two miles out of Page a shooting star came down – a large bright one – heading directly to where the road vanished into the darkness. I laughed, choosing to treat it as a sign.

Then Flagstaff, and the same choice. This time I didn’t bother going into town. I did the math and figured it was another two hours. Why bother stopping now? So I hooked into the Interstate at the north side of town and continued. After skirting Flagstaff and leaving the city proper, again only two miles past the last Flagstaff exit, there was another shooting star. As with the first, it was large, it was bright, and it aimed for where the road led into the night. I laughed and kept driving. The last hour was tough, but I long ago learned to stop at all the rest areas and put my head under a faucet, run around the parking lot, and pump myself up for another 40 minutes.

I arrived at 1:00 AM local time (2:00 AM my time, or 10 hours after leaving Provo).

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