Saturday, October 09, 2004

Go North, young man

The drive home was another straight shot. It must have been a real prize winner if the quick notes I wrote about it amounted to this:

Adventures of the pee cup. All the way to Cove Fort on a tank. Beer in Page (Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale).

The "Adventure" was that it was full, tipped over, and soaked one side of my hat. Dang. But it dried out and I started wearing it the next day. No need to wash it (snicker, chortle).

One of the more disgusting moments was suffering "Coffee Shock" at Cove Fort. I stopped for fuel and caffeine. A few miles down the road, after it had cooled a bit, I took a snort of the coffee. It was such a rude shock. After a full week of good coffee, to suddenly partake of the dull and the weak was almost more than I could take. I choked it down, but it wasn't fun. The stuff I drink during the week at work may just be Folgers, but at least it is brewed strong enough to keep the hair on my nads healthy and thick. When I got home there was a cute little red car in the driveway that hadn't been there before. Midway through the week Kathleen called to talk about Melinda then mentioned that she had –oops- purchased a car. This was no surprise in itself, because I knew she was looking.

I also arrived to find the house torn apart and Kathleen stripping glue and gunk from the walls and ceilings in the living room. No sooner had I finished unpacking than I got to help put the house back together. Some time during the evening I posed the question to Kate: If the beer I was drinking was made in Sedona, does it get you 1)drunk, 2)new age woozy, or 3)brain cells move out due to increased property values.

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