Friday, October 01, 2004

Road Trip - Day 2 - 'West and We-waxation'

One of the central points of this trip was to be one of Kate’s helpers (or the “slave of the slave”, as she described it) for the Phoenix Pagan Pride Day. To that end, my original plan was to arrive noonish on Friday. Then I would attend Kate to the blessing of the grounds and get a good night’s sleep before helping out on Saturday. Arriving ahead of schedule allowed for this and more. I was able to get a good nap and have more than enough time to ‘get into the saddle’ on Friday. When we went to the blessing, I met a few of the people I had heard Kate talking about (none really stood out), but sat out of the actual blessing. This caused a bit of consternation to Kate, but I explained that is was her Pride Day, not mine, and that I didn’t feel right being an active participant in the blessing. She understood this, but I think she didn’t completely agree with my choice.

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