Saturday, November 27, 2004

The power of NOT

Tonight was Un-Gnostic Not-Mass. H. and B. hosted it as the Priestess and Priest, but they have to be careful to maintain a proper distance from the O.T.O.. It has something to do with recognizing the letter of the law, but the members of the lodge joining in spirit to support them. Dave was there, with his mother: She was attending her first mass, just to see what her little boy as been up to all of these years. Pam would have been there but for having to travel to Las Vegas to ordain a priestess. Once again, Mass was great. Conversation was great. Helping the gang clean and pack when it was done was great.

I've had a number of people tell me now that the first degree and higher initiations are real head turners. Yet all of them then took a step back and said, "It's not the actual initiation ritual. It's what the universe does to you before and after." This conversation took place tonight with a woman I have known for a few years now. I mentioned to her something about the universe seeing if you are really serious about it (no one corrected me). She agreed, but then added that I should make sure to get all of my "Accounts Paid Up", referring to Karma. She also said something about making sure I had the oil changed in my car, and mundane things like that, because if I didn't do it before initiation, it sure as hell wouldn't get done after. So I mumbled something about all the energy I had put into being totally pissed off at my wife, and I got a look from her like, "Yup, you better do something about that."

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