Friday, November 12, 2004

Mirth and Reverence

I attended my second ritual with the coven last night. This time the leader asked to meet in advance with a few of us. The theme of the meeting was the need to shape up some loose ends of the coven. For starters, we are instituting a "No alcohol or drugs" rule. We are also changing locations and meeting at the leader's house. The previous venue is too much of a party zone (not to mention the other chaos) and isn't conducive to ritual or to the new Straight and Sober rules. Beyond that, she also want us older and wiser members to set an example for the younger members. This includes dressing nicer, maintaining a better persona (I mentioned the phrase "Mirth and Reverence" and Liz liked the balance it presented), and "Acting with and projecting power". That last one (which I know I am misquoting) seemed a bit much to me. Magpies and Wombats don't project power. Oh...did I mention my Coven Name is "Magpie?"

Then, of course, none of the baby bats who we are supposed to put on this act for actually showed up for ritual. Then again, I think some of the pep talk is for us, not for them. It is easier to ask you to be the example for someone else than to tell you that you are actually the problem. For example, there was the thing with Drunk Chick wrapping herself around me, followed by the "What the Fuck?" conversation. Did this cause the move in the direction of cleaning up? Another question is how much of this has to do with me joining? I had made a point of saying that I couldn't be around pot. But I also made it clear I wasn't joining, but just trying it on for size. Maybe things were already headed this direction and I sort of nudged them along. If so, I wasn't trying or asking. Nevertheless, I am pleased.

So does this mean I am one of the elders of the Coven? I ask that a bit tongue in cheek. Maybe they figure "Old" and "Elder" go together.

The focus of ritual was to do some energy work – hold an item to the heart and see if you tend to fall toward it or away from it. It seems as if everything I held raised a mental reminder of Kathleen, resulting in my not being able to trust my reactions. Of course I tended to fall away from these items, but was it an honest reaction or not? Man – it would be nice to turn off the brain for awhile and just let things happen on their own.

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