Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Starting the ball rolling

Last Saturday night was Gnostic Mass at Pam's place. Much came of the meeting, not the least of which was getting the paperwork to apply for my Minerval initiation. But let's take it one step at a time.

First is Pam's place. It's a two story townhouse with a living room that soars to the roof, almost the full two stories up. As you enter, there are stairs to the left, a large slab of wall directly ahead, going up the full two stories, nothing to the right, then a bay window behind. The large wall had a large cross mounted on it, each part of it made of three parallel lengths of square steel tube of different width. It was impressive and artistic. In the middle of the cross was a rose made of a sort of filigree or wire mesh. The rosy cross. In the alcove next to the bay window, opposite the cross, was a coffin - a real live coffin purchased for a ritual last year. After the ritual was done there was a "What do we do with this thing?" moment. So it ended up at Pam's place. Then lining the sides of the room were pews purchased from an LDS chapel that was 'going out of the business'. Set up in the middle of all this are the alters and tomb. It was a tight fit overall, but still very workable.

Before the ritual proper, there was a baptism for Dave and Pam's 11 year old daughter. She was the cutie that I was trading faces with at my first ever mass, about 2 years ago. She is still a cutie (more attitude that looks) and still thin as a pole, and still a fun one to flirt with (all in innocence, of course).

It was a bit crowded for mass, but it was a good ritual. Pam and Dave doing the honors as HP, and a gentleman named Marc doing duties as deacon. After Mass I talked to Pam about getting a Minerval initiation. She interviewed me and must have like my answers because I left with the application papers in my hands. On the other hand, the Minerval is sort of a 'get to know each other' grade, so I think they allow pretty much anyone to apply.

Also after the ritual was a fit of drinking and socializing. It really felt good. The conversation was good. Better still I felt like I could be me and not fake at being someone I am not.

It was an interesting group, and an interesting time socializing. I'll have to admit the group has its odd points and players, but that is all to be expected. I will also have to confess that I was doing my own small part to add to the strangeness, having the 'slut radar' going. (By that I mean to say that I was playing the part of slut, at least so much as I am capable, and was keeping an eye out for unattached women. This is NOT to mean that I was looking out for sluts.)

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