Sunday, September 19, 2004

Those silly pagans

I’m at Pagan Pride in Salt Lake, waiting for Gnostic Mass to begin – one of two reasons I’m here. The other is to get a t-shirt, which is a long story to be told later. Naturally, I am being a little monkey. How? I’m looking out for people, hoping to avoid people that I should hope to meet. Hoping to meet people that I should avoid. [Names of people redacted.] Must banish ego. The poor O.T.O. was having a bit of a time dealing with the weather while setting up for mass. Things blowing over. I stepped in to help. Don’t really know if I was helping or getting in the way. Regardless, - must banish ego. Not being that much of a problem. So far I am being soundly and roundly ignored. I guess that is a good thing if it is what you are expecting to start with.

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