Sunday, December 26, 2004

Saturday Without Mail Delivery

Yesterday was, as I was gleefully telling myself, not Christmas. It was "Saturday without mail delivery". There was the usual up early and open gifts, but then the house emptied at 8:30 and I was alone for nearly 12 hours. The wife and kids started with a breakfast at Heather's then moved on to spend that day with Kathleen's mother. This left me blissfully alone. It ended up being a good day. I ditched my lists and just did what I felt like, lots of computer time, burned a few yiff discs, dressed up some documents for work, worked out, walked, and drank a fairly nice bottle of Australian Shiraz. About mid day I took my brain out for a walk, and was thinking to myself that there are people who would feel sorry for me, spending the day alone. So I stopped and asked myself how I was doing. I realized that I really WAS enjoying the day. It was great. The was also when I decided that it was Saturday Without Mail Delivery.

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