Sunday, January 04, 2009

Meatspace makes Headspace

The hopeless mood of yesterday carried over to today. But the resolve to get up and do SOMETHING also carried over. Laundry, cleaning, etc.

In a few minutes I will be heading to Kat's to work on a few small things, then a serious talk with Shannon (who is busy self destructing). Then to Tooele to put more energy into the house. Tomorrow is back to work, without coming back to sleep in my own bed. Then the gym, and home, and back .... here.

I realized as the struggles of the last few days that much of it is tied to this place. The mind ties a place to the actions and emotions most commonly experienced in that place. So I left the place and went to a new place. I got into a good headspace. When I returned to this place, the place itself brought me back to the old headspace.

Time to clean house?????

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