Sunday, May 02, 2010

Maintaining a steady effort

Most of my work with my journal has been centered around reposting from Blogspot to LiveJournal (with the proper security applied, thank you very much...) and with redacting what is being re-posted to blogspot. The reasons are posted in previous entries. If you find the stuff on Blogspot to by to banal, ask me about access to the LiveJournal stuff and I will give the low-down on gaining access to the Inner Wombat.

In the mean time, I find myself up to my neck in trying to just "get stuff done." The biggest thing on the list right now - and for the next several weeks - it Kat's basement. About three months ago it became unlivable and was gutted. Since then we have been rebuilding it. It is to the point that I have given up my weeknights - including my workouts - and my Saturdays to get it done. So far I have done concrete work (including laying a section of floor), framing, electrical, data, and hanging sheet rock. Starting this week I am onto mudding the sheet rock and rebuilding the window frames. It sucks. It sucks royally. And when it is all done, I have three other major projects lined up.

I want my life back.

As of about two weeks ago, I am no longer Master of Horus Oasis. I am now Deputy Master and Treasurer with Beverly as Master. So I traded down in prestige and traded up in the amount of effort I have to put into the beast. It makes sense when taken from one point of view. But when taken from another, more realistic vantage point, I am just trading less glamor for more work. Story of my life.

Nothing else to report right now. It really isn't as dismal as it seems. Unreported is the effort I am putting into "clearing the decks" and returning to my spiritual center. It will take a while, but it really is happening.

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