Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tour Update - Numero Uno

Existential Angst Tour 2008 has passed the mid point. I am wondering if it really going to accomplish anything. What can be salvaged?

The point....
...was to process my living space as if it was one large In Basket - which is what it is. Like many people, I collect things, drag them home, then dump them - telling myself I will deal with them later. The collection builds until both physical, virtual and psychological space is heaped high, with narrow paths that connect bed, bathroom and front door. (Is it really that bad? Whether or not, it still feels like it.)

Monday, the planned first day of the tour, was devoured by the Road Trip from Heck.

Tuesday, the planned second day of the tour, was spent clearing the decks for battle: Laundry, cleaning, daily tasks, unpacking, etc.

Wednesday, the planned third day of the tour, was the first actual day. To cast eyeballs on my living space, it would be difficult to see change. The fact is I am not happy with the effort put into it. But there was change, and there was effort. There were several physical In Baskets assembled in anticipation of The Tour, and at least one of them was taken care of. Another quite large and old In Basket is well under way. So there is progress.

Today. I burned about an hour dealing with Horus Oasis business, and it looks like the same business will take a large block of time tomorrow. But at least I am handling these items up front, getting them out of the way, and not allowing them to either turn into emergencies or attach to the tail end of 'the eternal list' and never get done. This will be an important thing for me in the future - handling new issues up front instead of allowing them to become lost.

And with that, back to it.

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