Thursday, May 19, 2005

Horus Chorus

I’m at the First Unitarian Church waiting for the Horus Chorus to perform.

I arrived nearly an hour early with the plan of reading and writing. Expecting to find no one here, instead I found a pair of gentlemen out front practicing their juggling - the sort with pins where you toss them back and forth. One of them look familiar and, as I approached, my suspicions were confirmed - Dylan. Such a delightful surprise.

It has been ages since I have written here - if I’m not busy, then I’m empty of motivation. Lately it has been the latter. I am quite upset with myself about that. About a week ago my motivation was drained. If there was a lead-up to it, I didn’t notice. It was as if someone planted a spigot in my ass and turned it on full flow. I have done nothing but the bare basics at work, and even less at home.

Bleh. The first ordeal marches on.

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