Sunday, May 31, 2009

Visitors, Coffee and getting back on track

Today I am writing at the new coffee shop on the corner, where the old Cash Saver gas station used to be. They have been open about a month. It’s nice to have a place like this so close. It is also nice to see the property being put to good use. I talked with the owner’s wife a few days ago. She is the walking. breathing definition of MILF, with a daughter the same age as my youngest. Knowing this, I will carefully keep a safe distance.

Kate and Angie made a visit to Utah last weekend. They were here to attend the wedding of a niece. I got to spend a good part of the day Friday with them, then more time on Sunday. Friday was spent eating good meals, taking Tim up the canyon, then collecting Sally and Jeanie and hanging out at the new coffee shop talking. Despite Kate’s complaints, she still looks good and is a delight to be around. Tim becomes less feral the older he gets. With Angie losing her job, and the last of the severance package going away this month, they may be losing the house in Arizona. If that happens, they talk of moving back to Utah. I wonder if that will have us picking up the relationship where it left off, or forming a new one to take its place. Either way, I can’t picture the two of us just choosing to ignore the presence of the other.

Horus Oasis continues to vex me. I’m just not cut out for this Body Master thing. It is too much work. At the same time, I have trouble letting go of things and having other people do the work. I guess these statements form the core of one of the lessons to learn from this experience. Once I learn them, I will learn other lessons, then re-learn these lessons, and so on.

Last year, I had a few months during which I established a firm daily practice then recorded the results in a magickal diary. I noted that, even if the daily practice drew no marvelous results, just this habit of doing and recording made it a “good” month. Earlier today I got out the notebook I was using for this purpose and set down my goals for June. I will be doing the following, for a minimum of 20 days in the month.
  1. LBRP (or Daily Ritual).
  2. Either Yoga or Tai Chi (‘body work’).
  3. Work out.
I add working out to this because my weight never dropped from when I ballooned up to 200, and in fact has started to creep up a pound or two since then.

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